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Regardless of whether you’re newly diagnosed, moving from another state, or have had life issues that have kept you from getting care, the Ryan White Program has you covered with health and medical services, dental coverage, case management, medication coverage, and more. It’s quick and easy to see if you qualify! Gather three documents, complete a short application, and you’re done!

Have a job or health insurance? You can still apply! The Ryan White Program is designed to help people with a wide range of income levels and needs. You may also qualify for other assistance programs.

Once your application is complete, a friendly Eligibility Specialist will help you learn what services and programs are available to you.



This short video breaks down what you need to apply for the Ryan White Program.

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We've made applying for Ryan White Services even easier! You can now apply online and renew your eligibility each year through the Ryan White Portal. Please note that there are some initial steps to set up and verify your account. Click here to learn how to apply, and you can also watch these helpful videos for more information.

Apply Online


If you're unable to apply online through the Ryan White Portal, you can still apply on paper! Download and submit the form below. Then, once a year during your birthday month, complete it again to continue receiving services.

Download Application

Has Your
Information Changed?

Has your address, income, or insurance information changed? You can update your info online through the Ryan White Portal, or you can download the Change Form and, once complete, send it to the Central Eligibility Office by email or fax (602-212-3784).

Download Change Form

These videos have the answers you seek. (They always do.)

The Fine(ish) Print

Eligibility Policies

The Arizona Ryan White and ADAP Programs recently updated our joint eligibility policy. The biggest change: Clients only need to apply once a year! To read our entire eligibility policy, click here.

Application Processing Guide

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers! This handy companion guide will help you know how to complete each section of the Ryan White application. While it was designed to guide eligibility staff and case managers in helping clients complete the applications, you may find it useful too!

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