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People who are just diagnosed with HIV can get overwhelmed thinking about how to pay for health care. The Ryan White Program offers free eligibility screenings, including eligibility for other assistance programs like Medicaid, Indian Health Services, and the Veterans Administration, among others.

Some people think that they won’t qualify for assistance because they aren’t “poor” or disadvantaged in some way. The truth is there are a variety of programs designed to help people with a wide range of income levels and needs.

Find out what services and programs you qualify for!

  • Case Management

    Case Management services help people with HIV connect to the medical care and support services they need to live long, healthy lives. Case Managers can meet with you at home, online, or anywhere you feel safe to talk about your personal and health goals. They can then help determine what assistance programs and services you may qualify for and help you apply for assistance.


  • Health & Medical Services

    The Ryan White Program provides high-quality HIV medical care using providers throughout the valley and can even cover your medical costs if you don’t qualify for other insurance or assistance options.

    Even if you have insurance, you may qualify for assistance to pay for health insurance premiums, copays and deductibles. Check out Help Paying for Medical Costs below for more info!


    Other options are available for individuals with insurance

  • Dental Coverage

    A wide range of dental services are provided at no cost to Ryan White clients. Show off your beautiful smile – we know you want to!


  • Medication Coverage & Assistance Programs

    Programs like the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) and medication co-pay cards can help cover the cost of your prescriptions. Contact your case manager or the Central Eligibility office today to see if you qualify!


    Central Eligibility or your case manager can help you apply for these programs.

  • Education & Training

    Check out our webinars and educational events to learn what we’re doing to End the HIV Epidemic and how you can help. You'll also gain the skills to become a Community Health Worker by taking our free CHAMP Training Program—apply today!


  • Other Services

    There are a wide range of services designed to help you stay in care, including transportation to medical appointments, housing, emergency financial assistance, food vouchers, mental health care, support groups and other needs.

    • Counseling Services And Support Groups

      Our mental health is just as important as our physical health. The Ryan White Program covers counseling services as part of your care.

    • Help Paying for Medical Costs

      Even if you have insurance, you may qualify for assistance to pay for health insurance premiums, copays and deductibles. Check out our Cost Sharing Flyer (also available in Spanish) to learn more.

    • Housing Services

      You may qualify for available Ryan White and other community programs. The Housing Coordinator at Care Directions and your case manager are able to provide support and connect Ryan White clients to these programs.

    • Newly Diagnosed University

      Fuerza Positiva University and EBAN are free and open educational, support groups for people newly diagnosed with HIV. Participants will learn about HIV, the Ryan White Program, available recourses, how to stay healthy, and much more!

    • Nutrition, Food Vouchers And Vitamins

      Find help for a healthy and nutritional lifestyle, including one-on-one nutritional assessments, education on health food choices and vitamins and nutritional supplements. Monthly food vouchers are available if you’re in need of food.

    • Rent and Utilities Assistance

      Short-term assistance is available for those needing help to cover rent or utility costs. A referral from your case manager is required to qualify for this program.

    • Substance Misuse and Abuse Counseling

      Counselors specializing in substance misuse and abuse are available to help you navigate the road to recovery.

    • Testing and Linkage Services

      Routine testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections is an important part of staying healthy. These Ryan White Program providers and partners want everyone to know their status and be linked to medical care as needed.

    • Transportation

      Bus passes and taxi services are available, based on need, to HIV related appointments.

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  • Apr 01

    Rainbows Festival, April 1 & 2

    Come visit our booth at Heritage Square Park! More info at https://phoenixpride.org/events/rainbows-festival/.

  • Jul 07

    Positive Vibes Only: A Celebration of National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

    All young people with HIV, aged 18-34, are welcome to join us for a game and movie night. email us for more updates!

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